He trampled onto something,
something obnoxious;
out of curiosity found
a ghastly murder.

Holding onto a leaf,
smeared deep red,
And laid upon the field
was an old truncated man.

His mouth pulled apart,
his heart ripped off,
with eyes crushed deep
laid aside his bare soul.

What was true to his belief
he dedicated to the heavens,
for the poor man’s soul
forever rest in peace.


Changing lives through reading


I never looked at myself as an ardent reader. My reading was regressive and ineffective. Reading seemed like an eternal pain. Thus, I was oblivious to reading until I realized its importance.

Regular reading had a major impact on my life. It literally changed my mind set. I became more aware of myself and my surroundings. Reading obliterated any discrepancy I felt in my life. I felt whole again. It apprised me of a certain sense of existence, a world I didn’t know about.

Reading took me to places I had never visited or dreamt about. I, although vicariously, spoke to the President of The United States of America. He gave me a tour of the White House. I played with his kids. I swam in his pool. I have traveled to distant planets and encountered alien entity. I have climbed Mount Everest. I died several times.

Reading promotes literacy. You gain knowledge by incorporating this simple habit. It makes you wise: you get to know how to act in various circumstances; you make wiser choices in your daily activities; you learn time management; it increases your know-how. The list can go on and on. The bottom line is that reading is a necessity, rather than sheer indulgence. You read, you gain. There is no question of negativity surrounding it.

An important observation: reading makes you think: What is being said; why is it so; is that right; I did not know about that; this accusation is ridiculous. It ignites our thought process and regulates our beliefs and knowledge. It gives us an opportunity to correct ourselves, reduce mistakes and act more carefully in the future. Reading is to us, what oil is to fire. A source of eternal catalyst!

It has been said time and time again: “Books are a man’s best friend.” Therefore, reading books is perhaps the best thing one can do. Then, does it become a top priority? Well, it depends on the individual, but one must try to incorporate a bit of daily reading in their busy schedule.

Reading has changed my life and it can change yours. It has painted a picture depicting different perspectives of life. I couldn’t possibly have had such a vast amount of vicarious experience without reading. It instilled a deep insight into what is and what could be.

We must join hands and promote literacy through reading. Let us make it a medium through which we can achieve enlightenment to a certain extent. This must be achieved through general awareness, advertisements, talk sessions conducted throughout the world, celebrity endorsements, and personal perseveration. After all, reading is all about sharing each other’s experience.

Reading is enriching, full of worldly promises. It’s like plunging into an ocean and finding gems, nothing but gems. It is a lifelong adventure. One who seeks it, ultimately reaps it.


The contract

The contractor

His act was manifest,
though he seemed astray.
Regardless of the fallacy,
he was done for the day.

He still was in dire straits
about the things that were at play.
When push came to shove,
he was utterly betrayed.

The contract was fixed,
the deal was made.
On grounds unknown,
he wasn’t paid.

Revenge played havoc
on his desperate mind,
for he crushed some skulls
and got off the dime.