NMAT Retake 1

NMAT 2016 Application Form

I took my first go at NMAT on 7th October. Read about it here : https://writeupsite.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/nmat-2015-day-2/

Today, I went for another attempt. The paper pattern was exactly the same as my first attempt. The difficulty level was on the easier side. I felt more in control of the paper this time as I had chalked out a plan beforehand. So I didn’t wasted much time on questions which I found tough/tricky/time-consuming. Strategizing before the exam is the key to cracking it.

1st section:

Verbal was easier in comparison to my first attempt especially the RCs.

2nd section:

Reasoning had three sets. One was on coding-decoding. I left it as I couldn’t get the heads and tails of it. So spent just 30 seconds on four questions 🙂 The other two sets were easy. Most of the questions were of easy-moderate difficulty level.

3rd section:

Quant was also easier. The DIs were calculation intensive as usual. But I attempted around 3.5 sets out of 5 this time 🙂


Words in context – 7

Words can be wicked


The maleficent queen muttered maledictions when she encountered the princess from the West. She cursed the princess because she is evil. She is malodorous and believes in malpractice. She made a potion which when inhaled will malfunction a person’s nervous system and ultimately lead to death. First, the potion will just give an air of malaise and then it will kill the person in a couple of days. This is akin to an insidious disease. Sneaky, right?

But when the queen was questioned about the potion by the potion maker, the queen said that she bears no malice towards anybody. It is just a gift that she intends to present to her husband.  Her malevolent eyes were glittering with malice. She thinks that the princess is maladroit/awkward/clumsy and not fit to marry the queen’s son, the prince.

The queen always seems so malcontent. She is chronically dissatisfied with her life. She wants some exuberance and excitement in her life. She is a malefactor, one who violates the law. She engages in malfeasance. She is pretty good at hiding her malfeasance because of venal people working under her. She bribes these people with gold.

Review of online General Knowledge Coaching Course for IIFT, XAT, and other exams by Ravi Handa

I stumbled upon this general knowledge course about a week ago. I was waiting for something like this for my gk preparation. This course (http://handakafunda.com/gk-general-knowledge-xat-iift-snap/ ) provided by Sir Ravi Handa encompasses all the current and static gk materials which you need for your MBA entrance exams.

The course contents are nicely divided into separate components:

Factopedia: The best part. What do you need to make your gk prep unburdensome? The answer is videos. Yes, videos help a lot. You not only read but also listen which helps to increase your concentration and your ability to recall. Just as I have discussed about learning languages in https://writeupsite.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/things-to-take-care-of-while-learning-a-language/

The videos of both 2014 and 2015 are provided. They contain all the facts and figures of the topics that are discussed. They are pretty comprehensive as they provide exam related insights.

Current Affairs: The most important part in the IIFT, SNAP and XAT exams. The monthly updates are provided in the question and answer MCQ format. This helps me in practising the questions related to current affairs. There are topic wise documents available discussing different important topics related to current affairs. The best part is that these documents are updated on a regular basis. The facts and figures provided are succinct requiring just the adequate amount of effort for preparation.

Static General Knowledge: Documents are provided which discuss different topics. This also forms an important part in the gk preparation.

Previous Year Question Papers: The previous year papers of IIFT, SNAP and XAT exams are provided in the question and answer format. You can practice first from the questions document. Then proceed further to check your answers. This will provide you with a holistic view of what kind of questions to expect from the exams you are targeting this year. It will form your base from where you can decide which areas you need to improve upon and exert more energy.

Mock tests: This is certainly a must for practising. Time yourself and see how well you are prepared. These mock tests are made keeping the structure of the exams in mind. They are in the MCQ type question format. These tests will tell you what more needs to be done to increase your performance.

The course contents are updated on a regular basis. So you will not miss out on important updates. You will be able to post your queries to Sir Ravi Handa. The validity is till 30.04.2016. I think this is a pretty reasonable course worth just 499 rupees.

There’s another feature where you can contact other learners in the course. You will be able to discuss important topics with your peers.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare gk from newspapers and magazines, then go for this course. This will also take care of the things that you have missed this year.

You will find the course on this link: http://handakafunda.com/gk-general-knowledge-xat-iift-snap/

Words in context – 6

Learning new words


If you want your children to behave properly, you should teach them and not castigate them. Because when you castigate someone, you are casting or throwing rebukes and criticisms towards that person.

Cast: to throw –> castigate: to throw criticisms at someone

The actor with her toothsome smile won the hearts of her fans even though the movie was a letdown.

Toothsome: good-looking, attractive person. –> A person with beautiful white teeth looks better than the one with paler teeth.

The captious father didn’t take long in detaining his son from going to his friend’s birthday party.

Captious: hypercritical, difficult to please –> one who will try to capture every move you make as he won’t be pleased with whatever you say or do.

The guy in the brown suit always goes around a particular point. He never gets anywhere. He believes in the art of circumlocution.

Circum: around, loc : speak –> speak around

In this way, words in context will help you in remembering words. Your vocabulary will improve. Try to remember just the words. How often can you recall the meanings? Does cramming work? I don’t remember a single word without context because it doesn’t make any sense. Remember that using words in context are a sure shot way in making words your friend. Just try to connect words with something that you already know. Use people around you to help yourself. Use the things kept in your house. Make a connection. It’s that simple.

If you find a better way, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂

Words in context – 5

Words about peace


Linda is reminiscing about her childhood. Read more to find out more…

The war had torn apart her home. She still misses the halcyon times of peace and prosperity. Those joyous times remain a mere memory. It was so peaceful before the war.

The quiescent meadows of her town remind her of everything she loved about them. The sheep, motionless and quiet, settled into quiescence and grazed on the field. This propitiated/appeased Linda to a great extent especially after the hectic morning schedule. An apple placated her further.

She was a pacifist whose home was right next to the Pacific Ocean. She detested war for all the destruction it wrecked upon her town. She had to say goodbye after all.

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Words in context – 4

Words about fighting


Mark and Twain are in the Twister bar for a drink but little did they know what was really awaiting them. Read more to find out…

Whoa! Look at those guys ripping each other apart. It’s a donnybrook, a free-for-all. Let’s move out of here before this scene of disorder and uproar engulfs us as well. We have to get away from this brawl. I wonder what this fracas all about is. The bartender is getting into fisticuffs with the disheveled group. Bam! One down, a dozen to go. What a battle royal! Let us watch from this end. It’s all right.

I am at loggerheads with my wife over spending time with her dad. I even had a spat with her yesterday. This imbroglio, a state of great confusion and entanglement, is taking a toll on me. How do I deal with this difficult and complicated situation? I am unable to convince her especially after her hurly-burly.

How does one deal with a bellicose/warlike person? I don’t know. I guess you need to be belligerent. That’s not a solution. This reminds me of a truculent truck driver I ran into yesterday. He was cruel, savage, brutal and fierce. He was onto me like a maniac, all honking and blowing steam. He abused me verbally for not giving him enough room to overtake my car.

My son’s teacher told me that my son is stubbornly disobedient and rebellious to authority. He disrespects everyone in the school and such contumacious student is not welcome in the school.

My rapacious/voracious/avaricious company is making small businesses disappear around my neighborhood. Since the initial public offering, the company has been aggressively and excessively greedy.

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Words in context – 3

Words about disgust


Two girls, Linda and Anne, are out for a run. But they have a lot of disgusting things on their mind. Keep on reading to find out what’s really bothering them.

Mary is excessively sentimental, a real maudlin. She gets all drippy and kitschy whenever she talks about her dead father. Her crocodile tears smirks me off. Then there’s Maya. Isn’t she a notch above Mary? Yes, she’s objectionably and disgustingly sentimental, a mawkish wife. It just doesn’t feel right being by her side.

I find this treacly/overly sentimental/sickly sweet melodramatic film disgusting. I don’t even remember the name. What’s there in it except a couple calling each other hideously sweet nicknames like Hon, Sweetheart, Buttercup, Bear and what not. This makes me retch. Ew!

What is this noisome odour? I can’t stand it. It’s offensive to the point of arousing disgust. The dead dog lying at the corner of the road must be emitting this foul smell.

Look at that big fat man out there. His mouth is full. Still he’s trying to insert a chicken leg somewhere inside his mouth. This excessively/insincerely lavish behavior is offensive to good taste. This fulsome monster is not fit to live among the Homo sapiens.

If you have any suggestions on improvement, please mention in the comments section.