Words in context – 8

Words for beginnings


Nascent: just coming into existence

The project is in a nascent stage. Let us first develop it into something which will reap some benefits for us.

Nat = birth e.g., nativity, natal, prenatal

Words with nasc/nat:

Innate: existing in a person since birth

Native: born in a particular place

Neonatal: pertaining to a newborn child

Inchoate (a bit different from nascent) : not completely formed or developed

There’s some very decent writing here and a ball of inchoate talent struggling to find its shape.

Callow: immature or inexperienced; lacking adult sophistication

The callow, under-educated youth thought of starting his company.

Dilettante : a dabbler in the arts or some field of knowledge

My neighbor seems to have a new hobby every other month. He remains a dilettante in everything he learns.

Tyro: a beginner or a novice

I just started learning French. I am a tyro.

Ingénue: an innocent or unsophisticated young woman

Don’t you be fooled by the ingénue in getting her way with you. She’s a charlatan.

Puerile: childishly silly; foolish

His puerile behavior was the only reason he was fired by the company.