PT Education: A review


I came across this institute when I was searching for quants videos on YouTube. I went through a few videos and believe me I was surprised. How come I never heard of this before? They don’t seem to advertise enough.

I found the videos of PTEducationHQ very useful. They have provided some of the videos from their course. I wanted to take their online coaching for CAT. But I had already enrolled for the Smart Cat Cracker course of Career Launcher.

The best thing about this institute is Sandeep Sir, the founder and possibly the best teacher I came across in my life. Just watch a few of his videos. I am sure you will like him. The way he takes his classes with panache, it makes you want to give your best everytime you sit down to study. He is a mentor that I was looking for. I am sure that you need such a mentor/guide to push you further in your endeavour. You may find his blog BrightSparks useful. You may interact with Sandeep Sir via his blog or Quora. His every word is insightful.

Currently I am using their Knowledge Booster course which is for general knowledge. There are 35 video lectures. I already received the first seven lecture dvds by courier. The next four lots will be provided one by one each month. I am sure that this is the best course for general knowledge. Trust me it is helping me more than anything. It’s a real panacea. You may look for yourself. Just check out some demo videos on their YouTube channel. When it comes to understanding current affairs, video lectures provide you with the best helping hand.

Their analysis of previous year different competitive exams could be found here. The in-depth analysis of the exams helped me understood the stucture and develop my own strategy better.

The above is my personal view. You may agree to disagree with it.


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