Career Launcher : A review


This is a well known institute for aptitude tests preparation. I would call it one of the best sans doute. I joined the classroom program for CAT and other tests in 2014. The faculty was good. There were lots of sessions in which everything was taught in detail.

In 2015, I enrolled for the Smart Cat Cracker videos. I found this course even more helpful than the classroom sessions. I was able to watch the videos a number of times whenever I could. The concepts taught in these lessons are of prime importance.

The mock series is also one of the best out there. The video analysis is the best part.

Now coming to the most important part. The thing I like the most about Career Launcher is their YouTube channel. You will find thousands of videos uploaded on a regular basis. The mock test analysis is something to look out for. The faculties take a mock and record it in real time. This gives you a look at how to approach the mocks and especially the real tests. You get to know about different startegies to solve a particular problem. You get to know time-saving techniques.

One may even do without joining any coaching and just following these videos on YouTube. You will get all your concepts clear from their videos. So make judicious use of them as they helped me a lot.

The above is my personal view. You may agree to disagree with it.


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