Preparing for the Verbal section


Do you need good reading skills to score in this section? Or just taking mocks is enough?

I believe the former is very important. The latter is just an icing on the cake.

You don’t have a reading habit. Then start now. You read passively. Start active reading. You find reading difficult. Then learn how to read effectively.

There is no other way. I have personally experienced it first-hand. I had poor reading habits. But I have come a long way. I have improved drastically. And so can you.

This is a life long process. It takes time. So start now. Pick up newspapers like The Hindu, Live Mint, Business Line and read them daily. Read magazines like The Frontline. They will also help you with the gk section. If you have time left, then go for fiction and non-fiction.

I am going to list down some resources which I found useful for my verbal preparation.

  • TIME videos are beneficial. Their online video course, especially the verbal section is good. The question by question analysis of the mock tests will definitely help you understand how to attempt the questions.
  • Career Launcher videos on YouTube are amazing. They helped me a lot in my preparation. Just find their channel on YouTube and have fun.
  • There is another channel on YouTube. It is Edu Saathi. They have lots of videos covering a variety of questions. These videos will clear your concept.
  • Bulls Eye channel on YouTube provide you with a variety of workshops and mock analysis. A handy guide indeed.

The best thing is that all the video resources mentioned above are for free except TIME’s. But the thing is that I found TIME videos the most helpful. So one may do without any coaching. You just need a good internet connection to watch the videos on YouTube. You may even use the add-on tool “Download Helper” on Mozilla Firefox to download the videos and watch them later.

The above is my personal view. You may agree to disagree with it.



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