Preparing for the quants section


There is no limit to the amount of practice one may do. There are no sufficient mocks. Aspirants have queries regarding the number of questions one should practise from a certain topic. They ask which topics are important. What to do if one is weak in quants like I? Read further to find out.

It is not about the quantity but the quality. Take an example of an aspirant who practices 500 questions from a single topic. While another aspirant practices just 50 questions of similar difficulty level. The latter is able to score more on a given test with better speed and accuracy. Yes, speed and accuracy are the two most important factors in an aptitude test. I missed the IIFT 2015 cutoff by 3 marks. I wasn’t fast enough.

If you are unable to strategize and solve a question quickly and correctly in the test, then no amount of practice will help you crack the test. So focus more on test taking skills and concepts. Concepts will help you to solve questions which are tricky. Understanding is the key.

To get you started with concept building and extensive practice, use the following resources to your advantage:

  • Takshzila shikshak videos on YouTube are your best bet. First go through these videos. You may not even feel like joining any institute.
  • Dinesh Miglani videos on YouTube are beneficial. Various questions are solved on different topics. First solve the questions on your own and then watch the solution. Then again try and solve the same question with the approach taught by the teacher. Also try to solve it in different ways and find out what works for you. I know this process is tedious but it will reap results.
  • Career Launcher videos on YouTube are simply amazing. There are so many of them. The mock analysis videos will help you learn from the best out there.
  • Bulls Eye channel on YouTube is probably one of the best for competitive exams. I learnt a lot from the mock analysis videos. The workshops on different topics are also helpful.
  • Numbers by Rohan Rawal is also a good resource. Some good methods and startegies are discussed on a regular basis.
  • Pagalguy is the best platform for discussing the problems you might be facing in solving the questions.

The above mentioned resources helped me improve my quants level to a great degree. The best part is that these are for free. So make judicious use of them. One may even do without any coaching. You just need a good internet connection to watch the videos on YouTube. You may use the add-on tool “Download Helper” on Mozilla Firefox to download the videos and watch them later.

The above is my personal view. You may agree to disagree with it.



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