Resources for GK preparation


This is a tricky area. I thought joining an institute’s course would be enough. But it wasn’t so.

GK is something which no single source can prepare you for the tests. This is coming from my experience. I had access to PT Education, Career Launcher, Cetking, Career Anna, GK Buddy, Handa ka Funda and many other courses. I ended up paying a lot of amount for some courses. Some were helpful while others were not.

I used to practice a lot of multiple choice questions on a regular basis which really helped. The thing is you may end up practicing thousands of questions but still you get uncommon questions in the tests.

I would recommend you to focus more on current affairs and the static gk related to them. This should cover at least some of the questions for most of the tests like IIFT, XAT, SNAP, TISSNET, MICAT, IRMA and MAT.

I am going to list some resources which I found helpful in my preparation:

  • PT Education : Their YouTube channel has some demo videos. Their Knowledge Booster course is the best GK course in the market which I am using.
  • Anuj Garg Coaching : Their videos are very insightful.
  • Rajya Sabha TV : Watch the videos on YouTube, especially the daily news.
  • Learning Space : The best for current affairs available for free on Youtube.
  • Study IQ : Good explanations of the current affairs in mcq format on Youtube.
  • Air news : This is the radio news broadcast. You may listen to the daily events on the run.
  • Byju : Their Youtube channel has some good discussions on various burning topics.
  • Jagran Josh : This provides you with some bullet points for the important events of the day.
  • Newspapers : Go through them daily. At least have a look at the headlines.

The Youtube videos were the best part. It is better to watch, listen and read than just to read. You will remember much more in time.


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