Anything, but a memory

What makes us relive a memory? Even though the memory may be happy or sad. Our memories have a strong impression on us. As we keep these and discard the rest. What makes us remember things? What makes us forget things? Why do we latch on to certain things even if it seems to have no importance in our lives?

Today, all of a sudden, I had this urge of watching the Twilight film series. I remember not liking the first two films of this series. Still, I wanted to watch them. I can’t begin to fathom what came over me. So I did some digging into this.

Childhood memories often haunt us or visit us from time to time. But only the ones which left a strong impression on us. The ones arousing a lot of emotions. Our mind stores whatever it considers as important. And what you consider as important goes along with your beliefs.

Remembering something has a lot to do with our feelings. It’s not the situation but the way we felt in that situation makes it memorable. I must have felt very good watching the Twilight film series after reading the book series. I loved the books and wanted to watch the films. Suddenly, I was reminded of the fight between the vampires and the werewolves in the last film. This triggered a desire in me to watch the whole series again.

Moods also affect the kind of memories we remember at that moment. Positive mood begets positive memories. Negative mood begets negative memories.

All of us would love to forget many incidents in our lives. But we can’t seem to shake off some strong emotional ones, no matter how much we want to. All thanks to the mischievous workings of our wonderful brain. Instead of dreading them, accepting those incidents as our past might help us to let bygones be bygones.