The Postmeister


Matthew is a boy of 19 who likes sticky notes. He has a fridge surrounded, hardly resembling an electronic appliance. To hell with this white good for it’s all decked up in his notes. Mathew is not good at remembering things. He forgets even the slightest of trifles making him curse himself ever so often. He is a nice boy nonetheless.

Juana is a girl of 19 who likes sticky notes. She has her home decked up. Isn’t she way more advanced and space conscious? She lacks the minimal requirements to lead her daily life. She is an optimist but her misery is certain, always a laggard even though she thinks she can set her life straight.

Matthew decides to get a board for himself. Instead of using his smartphone, he wants to use a board. Now, he is in dire straits in need for a board perfect in all respect, a substitute for his refrigerator. He goes to the local store to get a piece of his requirement. The shopkeeper shows him the portfolio of boards he had. But Matthew is perplexed. He doesn’t know how to differentiate one from another, which one would fit in, which one would serve him the dearest. Poor Matthew, little did he know that his fate is about to change, perhaps for the best.

Juana chances upon an antique board made from a mix of elements from nature. She immediately grabs hold of it and bags her trophy. She puts it up on the wall in her bedroom right next to her study table. The board fits neatly with the wallpaper, adjusting with the texture and color. It is a wonder to be had for she is joyous at her victory. No more indisciplined use of space. The bright reddish-brown board is here to cater to her.

Matthew puts the board, a stunning one resembling Juana’s, right next to the refrigerator, a perfect spot for him. He feels the refrigerator can breathe finally with ease. His first note on the board goes ‘History test tomorrow at 9.’