How do I lose weight?


Is it an understatement or an overstatement of our present generation?

Losing weight depends on so many factors like your daily routine, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), diet, workouts, etc. How active you are throughout the day determines to quite a certain level of your overall caloric burn. You burn calories throughout the day (even during sleep) no matter what you do.

Moreover, weight loss is directly related to your body type. Some people (like my friend) lose weight on their will with little effort on their part. Whereas, others are not so lucky (like me) and have to work harder.

Try to find out what works for you in terms of dieting and workouts. You need to understand your bodily requirements to a certain level so that you can almost always choose the right path.

There are lots of people who want to lose weight all of a sudden, especially before getting married. They start looking for quick (temporary) solutions.

There is no quick solution when it comes to your body shedding pounds on end. You need to give it time to adapt to your new routine (exercise and diet).

Try and stick to a normal healthy routine so that you won’t have such a need in future.

Having said enough already, let’s look at some do’s and don’ts:

Do’s –

  • Have a diet rich in fiber (roughage) in terms of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, sprouts. Fiber would keep you full for long, provide nutrients, and roughage for proper digestion.
  • Combine resistance training and cardio for maximum gains and calorie burn.
  • If workouts are not possible, then start brisk walking for an hour every day.
  • Reduce your amount of calorie intake. Let’s say by reducing every meal to some extent.
  • Try and have as much natural nutrient-dense food as possible.
  • Even when you are not hungry but still feel like bingeing, smell something you love (chocolate for example). It will calm you down as the smell would relieve you to quite an extent. Or you can try having a glass of water instead.
  • Think of all the things in life which you can accomplish if you get super healthy. These thoughts and visions will help you achieve your goals.

Don’ts –

  • Avoid, better still totally cut out processed (Man-enhanced) foods from your diet like packaged foods, fried stuff, bottled drinks. They provide nothing but empty (read negative) calories and do harm rather than any good.

         Let’s take an example in support of the above statement:

         When you buy packaged fruit juices,

  1. Do you find the same taste all the time?
  2. Do you find the same concentration?
  3. Do you find the same color?

If the answer to all the above three is a resounding yes, then you are a victim of not having the benefit of natural fruit juice. Since, the color, taste as well as the concentration of fruit juices vary depending on the particular fruit, the conditions it was grown in, weather, etc.

Moreover, to keep the juice edible, various preservatives are added. Furthermore, sweeteners are added to make them sweet and pleasing to our taste buds. The bottom line is that “packaged fruit juices are better avoided at all costs”.

  • Avoid sweets at all costs. Whenever you have a sweet tooth, go for fruits or dark chocolate (yummy).
  • Avoid aerated drinks. It is filled with sweeteners, acids, caffeine, and whole lotta ingredients we don’t want in our guts. They act as dehydrating diuretics, much like tea, coffee, and alcohol. All of these drinks can inhibit proper digestive function.
  • Avoid inactive lifestyle because just taking care of diet won’t help much.
  • Avoid listening to people around who even remotely brings you back to your unhealthy lifestyle. Just show them that you are better than they could possibly imagine. It is not your decision to be healthy but your way of life, your attitude towards God’s creation.

It is not at all easy to follow these guidelines.

Having said that, it would seem like a piece of cake if you incorporate these things gradually over time.

As I told my friend with a sweet tooth that you can try and act smart by having a fruit of your choice when you feel like having something sweet.

Always remember: Healthy is sexy. Rather than thinking about losing weight, think about getting healthy.



4 thoughts on “How do I lose weight?

  1. Wow. This post is very inspiring, I really loved it. You are very talented. There is honesty and sincerity in every word and I am completely in awe. I hope you could follow my blog and hopefully you can be inspired too. Thanks. Keep writing great stuff. 🙂

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