Nature cures to an extreme extent


Nine years ago, I spent five weeks in a place in Gorakhpur, U.P.(India) where people were cured using natural resources and dieting methods. These so-called natural resources include air, water, earth and sun, i.e. Mother Nature to sum it up.

The first week made me flabbergasted as I felt like a fish out of water. I was made to do things which I didn’t even knew before or had any idea whatsoever.

The most astonishing part was the food which included boiled vegetables, whole wheat Indian bread, brown rice, and salad. I had to somehow put them down my throat.

Slow and steady, I made my way into the second week. Then, I came across a book on naturopathy which made me aware of what I had been doing all this time.

The book stated that the main cause of all disease starts in our intestines when the food is not digested properly. If all the toxins (in form of sweat, excrement, the air we breathe out) are removed from our body, then NOTHING in the universe can make us sick.

I was feeling better with each passing day as my health quotient started to shoot up.

In the meanwhile, I lost 10 kilograms of weight due to lots of workouts(3-4 hours each day) and having a diet high in fiber.

I was so glad that I had such an amazing experience which changed my life for the good.

Since then, I have never looked back. I made a promising journey to everlasting fitness and am doing pretty well. But sometimes I do let myself loose and binge on whatever I feel like.

So the basis of health lies in our body functioning properly.


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