Strip Them Away


“That’s Jen. Let her in. And who’s the plaything with her?” Luke said.

Jennifer comes seeking a solution along with Stacey. “This is my friend, Stacey. She is here to help.”

Jack and the crew have decided to help Jennifer in her quest for redemption. They are glad she realized her mistake. It is not too late to go back on the mass purge campaign. All of them agree on one thing. This is ungodly. And it needs to stop.

“Educating the masses can be tried but it is a long shot. It will work or not. That’s uncertain,” Stacey said.

“No, this won’t work. It never has. Brainwashing works better. But we need radical reforms. We need to make it stop with a coup. Otherwise, we may just keep on resisting,” Jack said.

“I agree. A soft approach won’t help. A hardball tactic is required. You have us at your disposal. Tell us whatever you need,” Jennifer said.

Having access to The Kill Switch headquarter will be a gift. But the solution cannot be to run over it and expect the other offices to stop whatever they are doing. Their reach is far and wide. Jack decided to get in touch with other resistance brothers from all over the world. They use cryptic messages to plan the attack. All the offices will be attacked at a single global time. They have to make it successful at one go. If they fail, the future of men won’t be a matter of discussion anymore.


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