Eye in the sky


Elena doesn’t like being treated as a child. Her present situation coupled with womanhood is taking a toll on her emotional health. She is facing the heat. Her brother is involved in something. And she is not involved in it. This is making her go crazy. What happened to the ‘Always in unison’? She wondered.

Stephan is trying hard to stay alive and get to the bottom of the situation. He knows he’s with the rebels now. The massive destruction, he saw a few days ago, makes him become a rebel in the process. He was against it. Now it seems to be the only option left.

People are scared. Randy is helping to raise an army to take down the Chancellor. Everything is in stealth mode. No one knows he’s alive other than his followers. He lost his family. Now he will make sure there won’t be any more irrational losses.

“We are doing as best as we can. Can’t you see? What more do you want?” Randy said.

“I want in,” Elena said.

In or out. It doesn’t matter. Everybody is going through the same ordeal. Everyone outside The Citadel where the Chancellor resides with his ministers. They call it the paradise on earth. Life is always a treat, each moment of it. One must have earned real good favor with the Chancellor to be invited to stay there. Stephan’s parents were one of the invited ones. But they refused. Their children are yet to know what happened to them. For a place full of sparks, The Citadel keeps a lot of dark secrets.


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