Eye in the sky


Two months later…

Elena has joined the rebels. She is now one of them. She is respected by each and every one for her bravado and camaraderie. She has proven her mettle in the art of war. She is the best spy the rebels have ever seen. Her name is known to one and all. Stephan is proud of her. He couldn’t have expected more. He himself is not far behind. He is proven himself to be the best at shooting, archery, and self-defense. Together, they form a lethal force for the rebels.

Randy is fortunate to have his nephew and niece with him. They have been a great help. Their parents would be proud of them, he thought.

Everything is in place. The rebels wait for the siege. Elena is placed as a help inside The Citadel. She knows the ins and outs. She also figured out the secret passage to The Citadel. It is only a matter of time. People will be rid of a brute assault machine referred to as The Chancellor. There are good people out there who will replace him. Randy wants to have a democratic society where people will vote and chose the ones to represent them as their leaders. It is a cause worth fighting for, Randy thought.

The chances of the rebels winning were slim keeping in mind the destructive force of robots guarding The Citadel. The tiny bots stand in their way. Elena has a plan. Randy is not sure of it.


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