Eye in the sky


“I have eyes in the sky. You think you are invisible,” The Chancellor said.

“Not anymore. I control them now. No more your pets, it seems,” Elena said.

It is the day of the calling. All the brothers and sisters in arms are given a go-ahead by Randy. It’s a do or die situation for them. Randy leads them from the front.

“You seem to be daydreaming. They are connected to me. It’s the age of artificial intelligence. I see you are mistaken,” The Chancellor said.

The Chancellor is right. The rebels found it soon enough. The first line of attack is reduced to ashes. A handful who got inside The Citadel remain alive. Randy lost his life. But his followers carried on. They withered one after another. It was a pain to experience the devastation of lives. The other section of the society knew what was going on. But they followed the status quo.

Stephan and Elena somehow got out of the mess. Elena knew her way out and she took her brother with her. They ran for their lives. There was nothing left to do. It was over. They knew it.

“It was all for nothing…All this training. All the hardship we went through. What was it about?” Elena said.

“Calm down. We need to be quieter. We have to lay low for a while and possibly find a refuge somewhere,” Stephan said.

Who will allow traitors to be amongst them? Who will share a roof with them? Who will become traitors in the process? Stephan thought.


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