Eye in the sky


The pursuit of the brother and sister began. In 14 hours, Stephan and Elena were tired of all the running around like dogs for their lives. They had nowhere to turn to. They were hunted down and captured. It was finally over. The rebels lost the war. It was never a war, to begin with, The Chancellor thought.

Elena was burned at the stake like they used to do in the old times. Her brother was made to watch her whine. He himself was in tremendous amount of pain. He lost a lot of blood after being dragged at the back of the personal vehicle of The Chancellor.

“The chained brat and the ungrateful little witch. Traitors!” The Chancellor declared. “Amongst us…Do I not take care of you, each and every one of you? Answer me this if I have misled you into believing otherwise. I prefer to be judged. But this is outrageous. No talk, only fight. I was not given a chance to prove my innocence. Am I a dictator? Answer me this if you believe otherwise.”

It was quiet all over. People were scared to death. They were shivering in terror of what they witnessed. This was the first prosecution in a barbaric manner in public. People were used to tiny bots shooting down deflectors one by one. It was just a shot to the chest or to the head. It was clean. And this was messy. This was brutal. This was the end of the only uprising.


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