Wild Type


Jimmy gets hold of half a dozen self-help books on parenting. He is a single father and needs backup. Other successful fathers maybe of some help, he thought.

One tip says to remain calm in challenging circumstances. This is a great one. Perhaps, the most difficult for Jimmy. He sees a cockroach and he shrieks. Remain calm, the book said.

Another tip is to ask for help. His neighbors are mean and self-centered. Once, he knocked on a door to ask for some juice for the baby. The reply made him never ask for help from that neighbor. Another neighbor told him to give away the baby. Yet another neighbor told him to get married. All they had to do was help, Jimmy thought.

A tip says to not criticize your ex-wife. This is something Jimmy does every day. Every time he lays his eyes upon the baby, he thinks of his ex-wife. He mumbles and swears. And the baby senses it all, the book said.

Be prepared for failure is a ridiculous tip, Jimmy thought. “How can I prepare for something that I don’t know? How do I know beforehand about my failures?” Jimmy said. The baby stares at him in wonder.

Befriending an adult female is difficult. All the mess and the blessing of a good-for-nothing man is not doing Jimmy any favor even though he has money, lots of it. A woman once came by. She is a friend of his cousin. He knew It was a setup. Jimmy tried to be nice and homely. But his whereabouts spoke immensely about his personality. He never heard again from the woman.


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