In quest of another


Halloween is that time of the year when people deck themselves out in costumes. They become whoever they want. It’s a game. It’s a fun time for all sections of society. I am no different. It’s just that I get into different costumes on a single night. I will cover this area as a pirate, that area as a robber, and the rest as a mermaid. “What’s the matter with you? Why change into three costumes?” my mother said. Trick or treat, I said.

Having multiple costumes meant I could have a race amongst the different avatars. A 100 meters would tell me who’s the fastest. The lightest one always won. The one which made me look like a six-year-old would score the maximum treats. Going alone would get me more treats. A group divides, an individual ignites the treat score. Whatever happened to ‘unity is strength’. None of the costumes attracted girls. So, Halloween is just about treats.

After all the permutations and combinations, I ended up with no tricks on others. Maybe I should have gone crazy for one night. You think you were sane, my wife said.

Every Halloween night, my grandmother would narrate the same tale of creeps creeping into her village and butchering 500 people. It sounds far-fetched as you are the lone survivor, I said.


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