Phantoms of the past


I tossed and turned in my bed all night shivering from the touch of a rough pair of hands. I felt like I was cursed to the bed for eternity with a monster by my side. It was cold but I sweated fearing the future. I knew I had none good out there for me. The monster had me again and again. “You are making me lose my mind, I may go insane,” he said. He filled me with some warmth every now and then.

I didn’t know what happened to my family. I don’t till this day. It was a complete whitewash. Bits and pieces were strewn everywhere like the butcher houses in the old times. I was deeply saddened by the massacre of my dear sisters. What harm were they to anyone? Such pure little souls. I wept for them. “Yes, cry dear. Cry you must. For tomorrow, there will only be joy on your face,” the foreigner moaned.

The night went away in preparing me for the world out there. I was taught how to please them, brothers. “We are all a big happy family in Japan, you see. I need you to take care of my family. You see, it’s now your family too. So how about you serve your family right away,” the sick man said. He grabbed my head and pulled it down thrusting his phallus in my mouth. I didn’t resist. My lifeless body didn’t allow me to. I tried inside my head to resist but I failed in the physical sense. I gave way to his moves. I became his slave.


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