One After Another


By the time John reaches the top of the last hill, he finds two people beside him: Mary and the leader. He’s not sure what happened till now. Where are the others? This question had him occupied throughout the journey.

After resting for five minutes, the leader asks them to take the final few steps. John is wary of what might happen next. He looks at the leader for leadership, but the leader stands still and tells them to march. In a matter of a few minutes, the couple ends their trek.

It’s been seven hours. It’s four in the morning. The sun is unusually out. Mary smiles and hugs John.

‘We did it. My little sis would be so proud. I can feel her smiling down at me,’ Mary said.

John finds Mary doing all right given the events of the night. Every soul is missing. More than a hundred souls started the journey with them. They are nowhere to be seen or heard. John gives out a shout ‘Hey.’ It sounds more like a cry for help. He is shattered from the horrors of the night. Mary pulls him and tells him to reach the point where they are supposed to find a vehicle to transport them back to the city. John looks at her with contempt and has second thoughts. What if they were the only ones who came for the trek? He can’t think of any other possibility. His mind must have tricked him into believing things from his childhood stories. He saw monsters from his fairy tales keeping him company throughout the difficult journey.


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