The Bridge Will Collapse


‘Hurry! The bridge will collapse.’ Tina shouts at the top of her voice. Tom speeds up. He’s driving fast for a first timer. He speeds up further by pushing the boost button. The speed of the vehicle doubles in the blink of an eye. Tina and Tom find themselves thrust back against their seats. Their pulse rate shoots up quick and they hold their breath for the longest time in their lives. A couple of seconds later they find themselves on the other side of the bridge. They look back at their shoulders and find the Nomans staring at them. The bridge has collapsed. The Nomans are known to fear water. As long as the bridge functions properly, the moat will keep the humans safe from the Nomans.

Tina and Tom find their parents staring at them. Their younger sister is looking at them trying to figure out why they left her behind. She also wants to see what’s out there.

‘What’s out there is nothing that should bother you. You are too young. Take your time. Later, you will wish you had stayed this way.’ The mother signals Janice, the young one to step towards home.

‘You mean her to stay ignorant. Yeah!’ Tom simmered. He gets out of the vehicle and finds a slap waiting for him. He gets to his knees from the blow across his face.

‘Mother, no. It was me.’ Tina steps forward and gets one from her mother.

‘You are my children. This doesn’t mean you’ll do as you wish. We have rules. We have…’

‘We have to abide by them. Stop it already.’ Tom gets up and holds onto his sister.

‘Stop this nonsense. Give me one good reason.’ The father grabs the arm of Tina.

‘Not here. Not in front of them. We found something. There are others,’ Tina whispered.


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