Carbon in Favor


Jeremy enters the meeting room feeling guilty of his F score. The attendees present there give him an edge reminding him of his lateness. He mutely apologizes and takes his seat next to Karen, his ex. They had some good times together until his obsession began with the F score. So, they parted ways. Karen’s F score is thrice that of Jeremy’s. The difference is his score and others has made him look down upon others as lesser souls. Ones who don’t care about the mother who gave them land to live, air to breathe, and food to eat. Their lack of devotion is appalling and Jeremy is proud of his.

It’s been seven years since the dawn of the F score. Initially, it was ridiculed as just another marketing gimmick. It was balked at as an instrument of mass control and suppression. The common people denoted it as the Fuck system. They blamed the rich folks for this.

It’s all a game for them…They polluted the world and now they want us to suffer further…Will their jets be grounded for good…What exactly are they doing…There will be a massacre…No bastard will be left alive…Let’s get the one who had this novel idea…I’ll cut them down to pieces…


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