The Bridge Will Collapse


‘Others, you say. What others? First, tell us what made you leave. Adventures lead to tragedies in these times.’ The father holds tightly onto the arms of Tina and Tom. They try to loosen his grip but he won’t let go. He tightens it further.

The mother is supporting all of this. She’ll rather see her children suffer anguish if they have to. For they’ve to breathe.

‘That’s exactly why we went there. We heard of others near the big oak tree. They are fighting for their lives there. Men, women, and children. They seem to be doing just fine. They are…’ Tina said.

‘Alive.’ The father lets go of their arms. He remembers his brother. He banished him from the community. All these years and still he survives. He went too far with his experiments. His ambition led to the death of some people. Fact says they turned into Nomans. But humans considered it equal to their demise. When humans turn into Nomans, they lose their minds. A part of them still remains but not the human one. All they want is flesh and blood. They unleash fury upon mankind. But the humans didn’t allow it to happen. They resisted as far as possible. They separated themselves from the evil, the undead.

It all started with John, the father who’s now the commander. He made humans build a moat around themselves. He helped save thousands of lives. Mary, the mother was the first life he saved. His brother Peter, a virologist came to the foreground and took charge of getting under the skin of the issue. It turned out to be a massive problem which led to his banishment.


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