The Bridge Will Collapse


‘I see that you’ve met your uncle,’ John said.

‘Pete, uncle Peter. Yes, we met him. Why didn’t you tell us about him? Why did you lie to us when we were young? This wasn’t fair. How could you leave him out there? It’s so fucking cold of you.’ Tina gets agitated. Her mother takes her outside.

‘You too, Tom. You guys need some nutrition. Hungry souls are angry souls,’ Mary said.

‘Yes, I remember mother.’ Tom joins his mother and sister reluctantly.

John is thinking about his brother. He needs to bring him back. It’s been a decade. Peter was considered dead by him and his family. He’s one shrewd son of a gun, he always has been, always having his way, John thought. And now he has a family of his own. This must have changed him. John gets excited at the thought of meeting his brother. He has a lot to say to him. He regrets his actions but he did what needed to be done. He had to set an example. Others look up to him for action. He can’t let them down. He knows he’s a leader and will always have to act like one.

John and Peter together laid the foundation of the sanctuary. It houses two million now. The crazy bridge idea was Peter’s. He made sure, no matter what, it is completed as per his directions. That bridge has saved thousands of lives, probably millions in over a decade and the mastermind couldn’t reap its benefits. He didn’t have enough time to see his plan in action.


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