And it moves…


The first act of John happened in a moving train. It was a move made by him that moved his world. He knew something about the displacement that is required for every move. He won’t be able to stay at a particular place for long. He had to move on with his every move lest he gets caught. Even if he doesn’t, he thought he won’t be a suspect at all. He dreamt and dreamt and woke up a transformed man.

Upon his return, he engaged a girl from his school. Her name was Sienna. She was Italian with exotic looks. She was the odd one out. And John preferred her over the others.

She averted his moves. Little did John know that she was a queer. Her priorities lied elsewhere. Since hers didn’t match with John’s, it was a foolish endeavor on John’s part. But he persevered.

Sienna wasn’t lucky. She was in the presence of the devil. The monster had set his eyes upon his prey. He couldn’t relent and resulted in a fatal rendezvous.

Four days after the first encounter, Sienna was lying naked with her eyes popped out. Her classmates found her in the shower inside the girl’s room. She was blued.

News spread out soon like the life out of Sienna. The Strangler is born again. This was massive. The famous high school in the city. The newspaper read: Murder in high school!

The second act of John led him to move from this school. He told his parents that he was afraid enough to not enter that place again. His parents were fine with his decision. No one would be surprised after what happened.

Students from the school didn’t suspect him as he was interacting with Sienna out of public purview. Hardly anyone knew that they had interacted over the past few days. He was totally safe.

There was no dearth of schools. He soon joined another one. He tried to subdue his desires for he knew his time will come. He just needed to lay his mind to rest for now. For he will strike soon.


And it moves…


His act began with the strangling of a woman. His indulgence made him lose control. He took the life out of the one giving him pleasure. But his pleasure lied elsewhere.

The strangling was his pleasure. It came naturally to him. He enjoyed it so much that he couldn’t let go of the woman’s neck. He loved the fear in her eyes as she flapped her hands all over him.

He overpowered her. He was stronger, much stronger than the men of his age. His adrenaline rush helped him further. He felt liberated. This feeling was new found and something he relished. This was a self-discovery. He was pulled into it. As if someone poked him from behind controlling his moves.

It was 4 in the morning. John woke up hearing a loud scream. All the passengers near him woke up. It was a loud one. His parents rushed out. He kept mum and stayed.

He was not alarmed. Why would he be? He knew what it was all about. He was the one, the cause of a brouhaha early in the morning. He went back to sleep.

The passengers gathered around the washroom. A security guard came and checked Jenna. He declared her dead. This led to a flurry of whispers flying around the train.

Now the whole train was alerted about this. No one was asleep anymore other than John. Others were scared of the monster who was lurking somewhere on the train. They feared for their lives while the monster rests peacefully.

Yes, John was at peace. He was completely in sync with his nature. He never slept so soundly in his life, none that he could remember. His parents were amazed. But they were happy that their son is not touched by the madness raving outside their compartment.

This son was on the verge of becoming something else. Someone that his parents will never know. He has been touched by an evil hand. It was time for his play. But his parents wished him well. Little John stayed in his bed with dreams of desire and lust. Little did John know that he was about to become the notorious Strangler.

And it moves…


A man of age and wisdom moves ever so often from town to town, not for business or pleasure. But for an act that he commits: murder.

Every time he kills someone, he moves.

It all started at the age of 16. Jenna was his first victim.

The age is not just a number. But a reflection of your existence. It’s worth can’t be measured by putting into a mathematical formula. There can be no assumptions. Each soul on earth is different. And so is his experience. The number 16, in this case, may reflect the commonalities we notice in the teenagers of this age. But John is a different species, a first of his kind. And he is about to find it out soon.

He was going for a vacation with his family. He loved the summer. He loved the beach. That’s where he was going. To Miami with his parents.

He was a single child of well-to-do parents. His family had a healthy business of wines since the time of his great-grandfather.

He was traveling on a train in the first class as you may guess. He was having a good time until the eyes of a woman pierced his.

He was at the dining with his parents having lunch. The five-course meal had just started with beer as appetizers. Yes, his parents allowed him to drink. He was 16 after all. Now coming back to the gaze of the woman. She was no ordinary gal. She was blossoming at the ripe age of 24 ready to flower further. She didn’t mind John lending her a hand. As he was the cutest guy in the train.

John acted cool, totally undeterred by the advances of Jenna from afar. She was just two tables ahead of him. His parents could not see her. But he could.

He was being seduced by a matured woman well past his age. What did she want from him? He wondered.

She started with the blink of her eyes. Then came the tongue. Her face projected the portrait of a woman suffering from some kind of disease. Only, in this case, it was lust. John understood this pretty well after having watched countless pornography on his mobile device at night. He thought her to be a prostitute. Otherwise, why him? She could have had anyone else on the train. Why!

It was dinner time and there was she again at the same table and so were John and his parents. It can’t be a coincidence. What was going on? John wondered.

This time John reciprocated with the signals of the woman. She was surprised. It was just a smile and a nod from John. And that’s it. It was a deal. Things that men and women could do from afar with slight changes in the muscles of their face. It’s unbelievable.

This was the first step of his first move. It all starts with an approval. And they got it from each other.

At night, John left his bed and sneaked into the washroom. A few minutes later, he came out leaving a corpse behind.

Killer looks


“Let me get this straight. You want to sabotage Facebook. And you think you can do it with some kind of help. And you want to find this Help!” Joana mocked me.

“Yes, why? Is it so bad? You think this is stupid. I am stupid?” I retaliated.

I am in Joana’s room, my favorite place of the year. It always feels so warm and engaging with some kind of debate ending my sojourn. I wish we were jovial and spend time in other things that couples normally do in their bedroom. I am not trying to fixate my thoughts on that thing. But I think it might be better than this. We would at least be happy. This is not happiness. This is my stress test. I can’t bear it anymore.

This is not good. We end up fighting no matter what we do. Maybe, that thing would lead to fights as well. How would I know without any experience? Experience is the key to unlocking the mysteries that we are engulfed with. The only way to get out of some assumption is to experience. So let’s talk about gaining some experience. Enough of this kind of experience. Some other would be enlightening.

“Voilà! There you go again. Lost in me. I told you. Remember? You and I? Uh-uh…” she jumped.

What does this ‘Uh-uh’ even mean? I remember the last time she did it. I even asked her. She called me stupid instead. Can’t she reply in a plain and simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Why do women have to be so subtle about things? Why do they expect so much of men? It’s understood that they are more intuitive. Their guts tell them a lot. They gain a lot from their environment. But should they take advantage of this? I am just a boy. How would I know?

Killer looks


I can’t lose the girl of my dreams. If Joana wants me to act, then I better should. It is also appropriate for me to do so. It is simple. I just have to delete my Facebook account.

But there can be another way. What if the whole world does it with me? Wouldn’t that be great? I can be a hero. I can sabotage Facebook. I have the skills and the know-how. I can get inside their headquarters in the guise of a janitor. And I will give the public access to all the accounts. Let there be some mischief and havoc. Facebookers will go crazy seeing their accounts hacked. They will have no other option but to delete their account. Everyone will leave Facebook eventually.

I will be the lone user of Facebook other than the people working there. Just imagine the change in the air with a massive corporation brought down to its knees. I would triumph and stand taller than Mr. Zuckerberg. I will devise a solution and offer it to his beloved company. I will be the Rockstar. I will be rich.

My head rolls over the pillow and I wake up. So this was a dream. All these wonderful thoughts were not real. It’s a difficult fact to accept that I don’t have the technical know-how to bring down anything. Maybe, I need to find someone who does. But I will have to persuade him and make him a believer.

Let me start by people who have said something against Facebook in the recent past. There’s Elon Musk. But I can’t reach him. It’s a long shot. And why would he bother his precious mind to indulge in a reckless mission with me? Who else?

I need a technology genius who understands how Facebook works and is willing to destroy it once and for all. Maybe, we can partner in proving the solution later. But where will I find such a guy or a group?

Nature cures to an extreme extent


Nine years ago, I spent five weeks in a place in Gorakhpur, U.P.(India) where people were cured using natural resources and dieting methods. These so-called natural resources include air, water, earth and sun, i.e. Mother Nature to sum it up.

The first week made me flabbergasted as I felt like a fish out of water. I was made to do things which I didn’t even knew before or had any idea whatsoever.

The most astonishing part was the food which included boiled vegetables, whole wheat Indian bread, brown rice, and salad. I had to somehow put them down my throat.

Slow and steady, I made my way into the second week. Then, I came across a book on naturopathy which made me aware of what I had been doing all this time.

The book stated that the main cause of all disease starts in our intestines when the food is not digested properly. If all the toxins (in form of sweat, excrement, the air we breathe out) are removed from our body, then NOTHING in the universe can make us sick.

I was feeling better with each passing day as my health quotient started to shoot up.

In the meanwhile, I lost 10 kilograms of weight due to lots of workouts(3-4 hours each day) and having a diet high in fiber.

I was so glad that I had such an amazing experience which changed my life for the good.

Since then, I have never looked back. I made a promising journey to everlasting fitness and am doing pretty well. But sometimes I do let myself loose and binge on whatever I feel like.

So the basis of health lies in our body functioning properly.

How do I lose weight?


Is it an understatement or an overstatement of our present generation?

Losing weight depends on so many factors like your daily routine, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), diet, workouts, etc. How active you are throughout the day determines to quite a certain level of your overall caloric burn. You burn calories throughout the day (even during sleep) no matter what you do.

Moreover, weight loss is directly related to your body type. Some people (like my friend) lose weight on their will with little effort on their part. Whereas, others are not so lucky (like me) and have to work harder.

Try to find out what works for you in terms of dieting and workouts. You need to understand your bodily requirements to a certain level so that you can almost always choose the right path.

There are lots of people who want to lose weight all of a sudden, especially before getting married. They start looking for quick (temporary) solutions.

There is no quick solution when it comes to your body shedding pounds on end. You need to give it time to adapt to your new routine (exercise and diet).

Try and stick to a normal healthy routine so that you won’t have such a need in future.

Having said enough already, let’s look at some do’s and don’ts:

Do’s –

  • Have a diet rich in fiber (roughage) in terms of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, sprouts. Fiber would keep you full for long, provide nutrients, and roughage for proper digestion.
  • Combine resistance training and cardio for maximum gains and calorie burn.
  • If workouts are not possible, then start brisk walking for an hour every day.
  • Reduce your amount of calorie intake. Let’s say by reducing every meal to some extent.
  • Try and have as much natural nutrient-dense food as possible.
  • Even when you are not hungry but still feel like bingeing, smell something you love (chocolate for example). It will calm you down as the smell would relieve you to quite an extent. Or you can try having a glass of water instead.
  • Think of all the things in life which you can accomplish if you get super healthy. These thoughts and visions will help you achieve your goals.

Don’ts –

  • Avoid, better still totally cut out processed (Man-enhanced) foods from your diet like packaged foods, fried stuff, bottled drinks. They provide nothing but empty (read negative) calories and do harm rather than any good.

         Let’s take an example in support of the above statement:

         When you buy packaged fruit juices,

  1. Do you find the same taste all the time?
  2. Do you find the same concentration?
  3. Do you find the same color?

If the answer to all the above three is a resounding yes, then you are a victim of not having the benefit of natural fruit juice. Since, the color, taste as well as the concentration of fruit juices vary depending on the particular fruit, the conditions it was grown in, weather, etc.

Moreover, to keep the juice edible, various preservatives are added. Furthermore, sweeteners are added to make them sweet and pleasing to our taste buds. The bottom line is that “packaged fruit juices are better avoided at all costs”.

  • Avoid sweets at all costs. Whenever you have a sweet tooth, go for fruits or dark chocolate (yummy).
  • Avoid aerated drinks. It is filled with sweeteners, acids, caffeine, and whole lotta ingredients we don’t want in our guts. They act as dehydrating diuretics, much like tea, coffee, and alcohol. All of these drinks can inhibit proper digestive function.
  • Avoid inactive lifestyle because just taking care of diet won’t help much.
  • Avoid listening to people around who even remotely brings you back to your unhealthy lifestyle. Just show them that you are better than they could possibly imagine. It is not your decision to be healthy but your way of life, your attitude towards God’s creation.

It is not at all easy to follow these guidelines.

Having said that, it would seem like a piece of cake if you incorporate these things gradually over time.

As I told my friend with a sweet tooth that you can try and act smart by having a fruit of your choice when you feel like having something sweet.

Always remember: Healthy is sexy. Rather than thinking about losing weight, think about getting healthy.